The Year is Half Over – How is Yours Going?

The year is officially half over. Where are you on your goals? If you are not where you want to be it’s not too late to get back on track. But don’t wait any longer! It’s time for a gut check. It’s time to pull out the business plan that you put together last December or early January of this year and see where you’re at on your goals.  

  • Are you meeting your sales projections?  
  • Does your profit and loss look good?  
  • Are you seeing the income you hoped for?  
  • Have you generated as many new clients as forecasted? 

Hopefully the answer to all these questions is YES. Unfortunately for many people the answer may be no.  Or you may have far exceeded your goals already. Either way, unless you are exactly where you expecting to be, it’s time to reevaluate your business plan and adjust it for the remainder of the year.  

  • For example: if you are far exceeding your goals then you need to increase your goals and modify your business plan to do so. The fact is if you’re having a better than expected year you’re not going to just take the next six months off.  You’re going to keep working just as hard and you already are and you are going to far exceed your goals. But that requires you to reevaluate.  
  • The same holds true if you’re falling short of your goals.  You need to evaluate what you are doing wrong.  Are you not getting in front of enough customers? Is your marketing campaign not as successful as you hoped it would be? Does your pricing need to be reevaluated? Do you need to simply look at what it is that’s making you fall short of your goals and figure out how you get back on track? Just because you may be falling short doesn’t mean you reduce your goals.  It means that you figure out what didn’t go as planned in the first half of the year and how you change it so that you can make up for lost ground over the next six months.    

There is a tool that can help you and we provide through our online university Many of you took advantage of this in December and January to set your goals for the year. But if you didn’t, or even if you did, it’s a great idea to revisit how to put together your goals and your success plan and break it down to the ridiculous so that you can succeed.  Here is the link again to the session and workbook.  Click on “Series 1: Goals Seminar”.   


Lance Shnider – Thought Leader, Sales Coach, Consultant, VC, and Motivational Speaker. Lance has 22 years proven sales leadership experience and has traveled the country to motivate and train sales professionals. His background is in insurance but his experience expands far beyond.