Nourishment Is About More than Just Food

Coach Gina here to share some out-of-the box ways to think about nourishing your body, mind and spirit….

But wait, why am I even using the word “nourishment” if I’m not talking about food?

That’s a great question!

The reason I am using the word nourishment outside of its regular foodie context is because we often find ourselves so over-focused on food that we forget about all the other simple and wonderful ways to nourish ourselves.

What does it mean to nourish myself without food?

We forget that taking a walk in the forest with our dog or a loved one is calming and rejuvenating.

That lying on your bed, in a hammock or a grassy knoll listening to your favorite song while feeling the breeze kissing your face is soothing and relaxing.

That feeling the sand between your toes as you watch the clouds drift by is as good as meditation!

We actually “eat” all day with our senses…we “consume” our environment through touch, feel, taste, sound and sight.

  • Relationships: Seek out and nurture relationships with friends and loved ones that make you feel good about yourself and say goodbye to the ones that drain your energy.
  • Environment: Remember that your environment affects your mood and energy.  So if you are stuck inside all day, it’s time to get out side, kick your shoes off and run wild through the park so you can feel the sunshine on your back and the breeze on your face. No one will care.
  • Connections: We spend so much of our time alone at our computers of behind the high walls of Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and more. It’s so important for our spirits to make connections with others.  So join a club or an online Meet up and make new connections!
  • Sleep: There is no way around it-there is just nothing quite like sleep to rejuvenate your body and restore your entire system to better functioning.
  • Movement: Movement sparks your endorphins, which make you feel energized and excited and keeps the oxygen circulating through your system so you can feel refreshed and alive.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients realize that there is more to life than food! I call the most important parts of our lives “THE BIG 5” –these need as much love and attention as eating!

If you are tired of feeling like your life is lacking excitement and meaning and you want to find a way to feel nourished in all areas of your life, then IM me on Facebook @GinaSmithHealthCoach or DM me on Instagram @ginasmith562.  Let’s sit down for a long Discovery Conversation so we can talk about your needs and so I can help you feel more energized and alive than ever before.

To Your Health,

Coach Gina


Guest Blogger, Gina Smith Health Coach, is host of the” G Spot” and queen of how to be “Fabulous over 40.” Gina is a Certified Health Coach who shows men and women over 40 who are struggling with weight gain, lack of energy and a general feeling of “is this all there is?” how to reawaken their dreams and be Ageless Over 40! She has 25 years’ experience in healthcare sales and management where she honed her coaching experience. She is a U.S. Air Force veteran. Her experience is supported by a M.A. in Human Relations and Management and Certification from Health Coach Institute. She is currently completing Holistic MBA at Health Coach Institute. Since 2017 I have been coaching busy men and women to make sustainable changes that improve their overall energy, health and wellness. She believes everyone can thrive, achieve their dreams and be Fabulous Over 40!