Self Made Training Facility – Columbus to open in the coming weeks in Hilliard, Ohio

Self Made Training Facility – Columbus  was established by Dan Wesley (Coach Wes) of No Limits Hammer Harder (NLHH) Strength and coaching.  Wes is a true entrepreneur at heart and had a vision of opening his own gym for years but was unable to find profitability with traditional big box gyms be the cause of their business model.  Wes had built up his business sense thru over a decade of ownership of Body Language Tattoo Studio.  You may know Wes if you have been to the LNA Bootcamps at which Wes had delivered an amazing speech on “Struggle Breeds Success” and you have probably seen his posts as a member of LNA’s Business Leaders of Central Ohio or BLOC-O.

In early 2018, two of Coach Wes’ NLHH clients began asking about opening his own facility. Those clients were Aaron Ansari and Lance Shnider ( serial entrepreneur of LNA Enterprises).  During a workout session, Wes asked if Lance wanted to take a trip to Los Angeles, California to check out a new gym concept: Self Made Training Facility (SMTF).  SMTF is a franchise born in California and created by Miguel Agular. This gym offers boxing with a full-size boxing ring, an octagon for MMA and wrestling, strength training, room for massage therapy and chiropractic.  And of course power lifting, body building, and much more.  This gym is for everyone.  But more importantly the business concept of the gym is to create more entrepreneurs and more entrepreneurship opportunities for those that might not otherwise have them. Wes, Lance and Aaron decided to bring the SMTF concept to Columbus Ohio.  This is the first gym of its kind and the first SMTF location in the Midwest.  In fact, it’s the first SMTF franchise east of Nevada.  There is nothing like it in existence.

Most cooks dream of owning their own restaurant just like most trainers dream of owning their own gym.  It’s the million-dollar investment that stops them both.  So, they end up working for someone else.  Which is fine for some people but not people with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Self Made Training Facilities gives an opportunity to these entrepreneurs.  They don’t have to build an expensive gym, they don’t even need to know how to run one!  SMTF gives them the opportunity to stop earning money for someone else.  Typically a trainer’s only option is to work in a big box gym, train and give away 40-60% of their revenue for the opportunity to train there.

SMTF is different.  Our trainers pay a small monthly rent payment.  Less than the rent on their apartment and little more than a car payment.  For that amount they have the ability to earn unlimited income and for all intents and purposes have access to their own elite, state of the art 7,800 square foot gym.  They can train 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no restrictions.  And the best part is they keep every single dollar they make!  If they are training part time and want a side hustle where they earn $30,000-$50,000 per year that’s awesome.  But if this is their full time gig they can earn upwards of a 6-figure income.  The sky is the limit for them.  And they don’t pay SMTF more just because they are making more money.  They don’t work for SMTF either, they work for themselves building their own business in our facility.  This is the true definition of an entrepreneur and the real deal when it comes to fitness entrepreneurs.  This is the opportunity they have been looking for to get their business on track and turn it into an enterprise.

Trainers also get access to a full nutrition and vitamin shop, an apparel store, online health and nutrition apps as well as an online training platform all to help them increase their revenue and ability to help their clients.  Social media and self branding training comes with the package as well.  This truly is a state of the art “Blue Ocean” facility.

Within the next two weeks the dream Wes (and Lance and Aaron) had 9 months ago will finally be a reality.  Congrats to Coach Wes for making his dream come true!