The Hunger Game: Want to learn to play?

Coach Gina here to teach you how to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger by playing the “Hunger Game.”

But first, why am I talking about emotional hunger versus physical hunger and what’s the difference?

Emotional hunger means you turn to food either to avoid uncomfortable emotions or to heighten pleasurable ones.  It means you eat based on how you feel instead of what your body needs.

Examples of emotional hunger (FEELINGS):

Eating for comfort.  Eating from boredom.  Eating to fill an aching heart.

Whereas physical hunger means you eat when your body signals to you that you are in fact, hungry.  And it means that you stop eating when you are satisfied and before you are uncomfortably full:

Examples of physical hunger (SENSATIONS): Stomach growls.  Low energy.  Blood sugar gets low.  You feel lightheaded or faint.

So, what will learning to listen to my body do for me?

It will free you from being a slave to food.  What that means for you is that you’ll feel more in control of your eating and less dependent on food to “help” your moods and emotions.

How do I play the Hunger Game?

Let me first clarify that I’m not talking about undergoing top-secret weapons training to learn to “kill” off your colleagues or friends… I’m talking about a simple helpful game that you can play all by yourself even in a busy restaurant!  Here’s how to play the Hunger Game:

  • See if you can be the slowest eater at the table – no one has to know you’re playing or that you are trying to win the Hunger Game.
  • Periodically check in with yourself throughout your meal and honor when you’re energized and satiated by completing the meal
  • Use an end-of-meal ritual, like putting your napkin over your plate or ordering hot tea and fresh fruit to symbolize completion of the meal.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients learn to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.  Together we come up with a plan to help you keep identifying the difference so you can lose weight naturally and double your energy.

If you think you may be engaging in emotional eating and you don’t know how to change it, then contact me to schedule a time to talk today.

To Your Health,

Coach Gina


Guest Blogger, Gina Smith Health Coach, is host of the” G Spot” and queen of how to be “Fabulous over 40.” Gina is a Certified Health Coach who shows men and women over 40 who are struggling with weight gain, lack of energy and a general feeling of “is this all there is?” how to reawaken their dreams and be Ageless Over 40! She has 25 years’ experience in healthcare sales and management where she honed her coaching experience. She is a U.S. Air Force veteran. Her experience is supported by a M.A. in Human Relations and Management and Certification from Health Coach Institute. She is currently completing Holistic MBA at Health Coach Institute. Since 2017 I have been coaching busy men and women to make sustainable changes that improve their overall energy, health and wellness. She believes everyone can thrive, achieve their dreams and be Fabulous Over 40!