What Did You Fail At Today?

How did you fail today? Are you learning from your failures? Seems like an odd question to ask right? However just a few weeks ago one of my friends had mentioned that their coach asked them this exact question. It makes sense! We always look at our successes in life and we celebrate those. Our successes are celebrated by our colleagues, our bosses, the people that work with us, and we want to celebrate our coworker’s, friend’s and employee’s successes. We don’t often think about celebrating failures. I don’t think it’s necessary to celebrate failures, but as we all know you can’t grow in life or in business without failures.

The key to asking yourself how you failed today is analyzing the things that you did wrong and figuring out how you can improve on them. Every failure in life teaches us a lesson unless you are not open to learning this lesson and you just continue to make the same mistake repeatedly. That’s the definition of insanity by the way – Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

When a professional golfer misses a putt for eagle, they go home and they practice that same putt repeatedly sometimes for hours and sometimes for days. When a quarterback screws up the touchdown pass, the next day they are on the field practicing that same play, that same throw repeatedly until they get it right. In business, when you go out on a sales call and you completely blow it you need to ask yourself “what did I do wrong? Why didn’t I get the sale?” Also, “am I not developing a good rapport with the client? Did they just not like me? Where my price is too high? Did I focus too much on the nuts and bolts and not enough on the services?” These are questions you need to ask yourself so that you can improve your presentation the next time you go out.

I teach this in our online university. I talk about “Replaying the Call”. This is something important to do not only when you fail but also when you succeed. Again most people like to celebrate their successes. There are very few people sit down and analyze why they succeeded. What did you do right? Why did you get the sale? What can you repeat next time to get the same results?

The fact is, success or failure needs to be revisited. You need to learn from your successes and your failures. Your failures teach you what not to do next time. Your failures teach you how to grow. No one can grow without failure. Nobody is successful right out of the gate. We will continue to make new mistakes for the rest of our life. This is a good thing because again it helps us learn. But do not forget it is just as important to analyze your successes as it is to analyze your failures. We learn and grow from both.

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Lance Shnider – Thought Leader, Sales Coach, Consultant, VC and Motivational Speaker. Lance has 22 years proven sales leadership experience and has traveled the country to motivate and train sales professionals. His background is in insurance but his experience expands far beyond.