Doing a lot of networking meetings and not seeing any results!?

Doing a lot of networking meetings and not seeing any results⁉️

Here’s a few tips❗️

✅ Remember the key to networking is to be upfront, honest, and intentional🔑 When having a meeting with a potential client set the expectations from the start❗️

1. ✅Obviously, introduction and small talk and getting to know the person is key 🤝

2. ✅Set EXPECTATIONS for the meeting. How do you do this? By simply stating ⭐️“thanks so much for meeting with me, I know we are a new connection/or we’ve been in the same networking group for a while and my goal today is to learn about your business, tell you a little bit about mine and see how we might help each other grow.”👍

3.✅ I always let the other person tell me about their business first.🗣 It lets me know how the conversation is going to go and if I have an A, B or C prospect sitting in front of me👥

4. ✅Never leave the meeting without a game plan🤹‍♂️🧩 If this is an A or B contact and you definitely want to set up some time to get back together. Say ⭐️“I really enjoyed meeting you today, it sounds like we have some mutual synergies and I would love to get back together and explore those further”🗣 Or if it is a contact and you know you can help, then I will go with ⭐️“thanks so much for your time today. I really believe that I can help you with your… By doing… and would love to schedule some time to get back together and discuss that further“. 🤝

5.✅I always do a follow up from your meeting. It could be as simple as a SendOutCard💌 📞. I do that with everyone❗️ You could send any kind of card, but I like the personal touch of a card as opposed to just an email📧

6. ✅I like to take a selfie 📸😁with the person I’ve met with or at least share a post about the meeting that I just had with them and give them a little promo for their business👥 People appreciate that and they will return the favor👍

7. ✅An additional note, do your homework before you go in🧠 Find out what the person is about, what they do, what networking groups they are in… Do a little research so that you know what you are potentially walking into👨‍💻👩‍💻 At the end of the day you are networking but the fact is you are both there to try and grow your business and to try and sell a product or service📶 So you should treat it like a sales call📞 With a personal touch🧔

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