We are bringing value back to Personal Training. No up sales, No ridiculous membership cost or contracts, no stereotypes! We offer it all at an affordable cost so contact any of our @selfmadetrainingfacility Personal Trainers to start your experience.  We provide one-on-one coaching, top-notch machines and the motivation you need to exceed your goals. WE HAVE THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO BE A CHAMPION. Whether training for your next powerlifting event in our Certified USPA Training Center or looking to lose a few extra pounds, Self Made Training Facility sets you up with a personal trainer for success.


Physical Fitness is a core component to success in business at any stage. LNA and No Limits Hammer Harder have joined forces to introduce this unique fitness experience to Ohio with the goal of building on the success they’ve experienced on the west coast and growing their presence in the Midwest.