LNA Enterprises exists to support the Entrepreneur in all aspects of their work, including business consulting, marketing, and professional coaching. Whether you have a full-time job and are looking to enter the world of Entrepreneurship, or you are already a full-time Entrepreneur or small business owner - our consulting, marketing, and professional coaching services are at your disposal, and uniquely tailored to your needs.

Entrepreneurs invest in their business in many ways; financial, time, blood, sweat, and tears. For many, it seems like every challenge is unique, and at times can just be “too much.”Too many Entrepreneurs are one challenge away from failure when they could be wildly successful. Figuring out what to do next among an ever-growing list of things they want to accomplish becomes key in following their unique path to successful self-employment.

We’re here to help! We are Entrepreneurs also and have experienced many of the same problems before you. But we don’t expect that what worked for us will work for you - in fact, we know it probably won’t! From consulting to coaching, we focus on you, your vision, and your unique business. We do know what it takes to help you find the success you desire, as we’ve helped many achieve and exceed their goals.

You need to thrive. We’re here to help.


  • New business / franchise support and development
  • Small business support and development
  • Individual entrepreneur support and development
  • Development of new or analysis of existing business and marketing plans
  • Complete financial review of your company to find out where you are spending unnecessarily and where you can become more profitable
  • Ongoing financial review and accounting assistance (i.e. QuickBooks, monthly AP and AR, budgeting, etc.)
  • Franchise negotiations and purchase assistance (if acquiring a franchise)
  • Legal documents (i.e. articles of incorporation, LLC, Tax ID and name filing)
  • Real estate acquisition and financing assistance
  • Social medial development and brand awareness including ongoing social media and marketing support
  • Website review and/or development
  • Video content development
  • And more…


Every industry and every person has a market, sometimes you just need to find yours! We help our clients find their “Blue Ocean Strategy” and create uncontested waters in what can see to be a crowded market space. For many that means:

  • Branding
  • Social Media Content and Video Creation
  • Website development
  • Defining your unique value proposition
  • Identifying your target market
  • How we help you do that:
    • Development of detailed and effective marketing plan which includes finding your place in the market and defining your unique business proposition – what sets you apart from the competition.
    • Development of effective marketing materials
    • Branding your company and getting you noticed in the market you desire to thrive in
    • Focusing on client generation and growth


Our coaching services are personalized for both individuals and groups. Services are available across all industries with a strong focus on business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Our coaching techniques don’t come from a book or a seminar, they come from real life experiences and 24 years of sales, marketing and consulting experience, building multi-million dollar business and countless success stories.

  • Helping individuals develop and implement an actionable plan for success
  • Personal Productivity and Accountability
  • Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching
    • Group coaching for Entrepreneurs - starting a business
    • Group coaching for Professionals - Walking through the process of vision creation via a system for Getting Things Done / Factory of One
  • Entrepreneur Boot Camps
  • Sales Coaching
    • Increasing sales and creating level sales
    • Planning for and meeting sales goals
  • Management Training
    • For some companies, people are promoted to manager without any training on what it means to be a manager of people, how to get the best from your team, what servant leadership means, how long it takes for a new manager of a group to really impact the team in a positive way or how to truly lead. Our management training helps make leaders out of managers and allows them to truly embrace their role and understand what it means to manage a team.